TOY Camera DSC Pieni is an ultra-lightweight, micro camera in a retro stile that looks like a toy but shoots for real.

It's so micro you can wear it all the time like a necklace, then shoot with it anytime you want to capture and record what you are watching and experiencing.

This little, cute camera can in fact take both good quality photos and real video footage with all sounds included!

The back of this camera incorporates a small magnet, to stick it on a fridge, a white board, etc. and have a stable support for your videos. It also helps in not forgetting it at home and miss the chance for great shots.

Equipped with an USB cable included, you just need a common micro SD/SDHC type memory card to store and pass your photos and videos on your devices for later viewing and SNS sharing.


So micro in size it can fit comfortably in between your fingers.


And feel the freedom of taking shots or video footage whenever and wherever you have the chance.


To stick it on your fridge etc. and take advantage of a steady surface when taking your videos.



Product name Kenko TOY Camera DSC Pieni *
Image sensor 1/10 CMOS
Total pixels 1310000 pixels
Valid pixels 1310000 pixels
Lens f=3.2mm f/2.8
Shooting distance Standard approx. 0.3m ~ ∞
Internal memory Not equipped
External memory compatible type ** MicroSD card (128MB~2GB)
MicroSDHC (4GB~16GB)
File format JPEG image file
MJPEG (AVI) video file
MP3 music file
Still image size 1280x1024
Video footage size 720x480 (30fps)
Shutter speed 1/100 sec.
Battery Built-in lithium rechargeable battery
Input/output port USB 2.0
Size (WxHxD) Approx. 51x36x18mm
Weight Approx. 18g (without accessories)