What are you looking at?

Many tiny friends comming to you. You look someone I think. But don’t forget your destiny.

Bring your gear. It will make your dreams come true.

Yes it is. You always need to make your dreams come true. But you must remember exact date of festival.

Times up. You must go out for your dream.

Don’t worry. Your friend always cover you and you will be safe where you are and whatever you do.

What is that? Miffy?

Oh. She is your friend too. You must focus one thing for your success. You can not catch two different rabbits.

Boring? No, Think positive side of your situation and do the right thing.

Why you feel boring? If you focus something, you will never feel boring. So focus it and give your energy to it.

See something? You must take it now.

Every moment pass away so fast and you can not meet it again. Don’t miss it and always be ready the moments.

Winter has come. Be strong against winter frozen.

This winter will be heavy. So you must be ready in cold weather. I can cover your hand still warm.

Lights comming to you.

Every materials has own colour. And human can see all of the material’s colour by lights. So when you see the light, feel it and memory it.

Finally you decide to go out?

Well done friend. I’m happy about your move and you will have great result. Be patient to taking a moments.

Yes, your face is looks even better.

This is it. I need to see your face like this. Bright and calm. Have a nice trip and you will get really really fantastic results.